Innovation for Better Patient Care

mProbe Maryland Laboratories has a long history of innovation and success with over 40 active global patents, like the materials patent for a glass slide coating codeveloped with the Office of Naval Research / DARPA that facilitates laser microdissection, for better productivity and cleaner, purer tissue samples.

We were the first to perform proteomics in Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded tissue specimens (FFPE) and the first proteomics company to inform personalized treatment options for cancer patients. We’ve captured analysis from 10 thousand plus tumor samples over a dozen different kinds of cancer creating the largest collection of mass spectrometry-based tissue proteomics in the U.S.

That means we can deliver a unique perspective on clinically relevant biomarker information, to provide a deeper insight into what is driving tumor growth with improved actionable information from limited FFPE tissues.


Precision Medicine Requires Precision Diagnostics

Our CAP/CLIA certified Maryland Laboratory is using high throughput mass spectrometry and our patented processes to target proteomics with clinical utility at the attomole (10-18) level of detection. Precise measurement of proteins – both resistance and sensitivity biomarkers - enables oncologists in more effective therapeutic choices. That means better outcomes for their patients.


We are committed to bringing innovations in cancer care to clinical practice to improve patient outcomes. To this end, we’ve authored dozens of published research articles, posters and presentations with prestigious cancer institute partners.

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