The Power to Predict. The Power to Act.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and applied data science for patient care


Any Data. All Data. New Insights

With Precision Health Analytics, we enable our customers to proactively manage cost and quality of care, mitigate chronic disease, disease exacerbations, adverse events and improve outcomes.

We take any and all data, use proven machine learning to optimize risk insights and infuse them into any workflow and any technology platform.



Population-Wise. Patient-Centric.

Reduce risk, drive productivity, optimize revenue, reduce medical costs, and improve health outcomes. Use structured and unstructured data, drill down from the population to physician to individual levels and see risk probabilities assigned to every individual for dozens of events and conditions.


Know the Risk. Change the Outcome.

A full risk profile is compiled for every inpatient, started on admission and updated in real time throughout their stay. Identify risk upon admission and continuously monitor to avert infections and other adverse events, reduce penalties, lower costs, and improve outcomes, quality, and patient experience.


Where It Matters Most.

A full risk profile is compiled for every patient encounter which is updated every time the data are refreshed. Providers are given risk scores, risk features and analysis of individuals being managed in and immediately after an acute encounter for 30-day readmission or 30-day revisit risk.


Individual Quality. Organizational Excellence.

We help you make significant improvements to the health of your populations, but also help you track and trend those results longitudinally against risk-adjusted benchmarks. Contrast and compare across multiple dimensions like payers, providers, geographies and service lines. Track contract or regulatory measures throughout the year to help keep you in compliance and focus your attention on gaps and areas for improvement.

We deploy many kinds of measures and key performance indicators for client. HBI Spotlight Analytics is NCQA Certified for HEDIS® Health Plan 2020 and HEDIS® Allowable Adjustments 2020 on a partial list of measures.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

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