Precision Medicine Requires Precision Diagnostics

Precision Medicine Requires Precision Diagnostics


Every cancer is unique.

Standard approaches can lack the needed specificity and selectivity required to effectively neutralize cancer and may result in toxicity. Personalized care requires precision medicine and precision medicine requires a better analysis of tumor biology and proteins.



Precision Medicine Empowered by Clinical Proteomics

We use mass spectrometry, to precisely measure tumor protein expression to anticipate patient response or nonresponse to available approved and clinical trial therapies.

Mass spectrometry has been used to measure things like Vitamin D in the past and is now finding utility expanding to other clinical fields like proteomics.



More Precise Clinical Decision Support.

Variation in tumor biology is thought to be a major reason therapeutic response and prognosis differ significantly from patient to patient. No two tumors are similar at genotypic and phenotypic level, and the same type of cancer shows different biomarkers from patient to patient. Traditional, standard approaches to anticancer therapy can lack the needed specificity and selectivity required to effectively neutralize some cancers and may result in unwanted toxicities.


Biomarker discovery for faster drug development.

We believe that mass spectrometry-based platforms can become part of a rational process to rapidly test and qualify large number of candidate biomarkers to identify the few that stand a chance for further development and validation and help you get to market faster.


Proteins Matter.

All your oncology drugs act on a protein or are influenced by a protein. Tumor biology is complex and results in a great variation in proteins and metabolites found in them. Understanding what specific proteins constitute a tumor and in what quantities is critical to prescribing the most effective therapeutic agent for cancer treatment. Precision medicine requires precision diagnostics.

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