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The decisions you make are critical. Patient management strategies affect tumor response, side effects, costs of care and survival. The next frontier in cancer care is clinical proteomics.

We use mass spectrometry and precisely measure the tumor protein expression to anticipate patient response or nonresponse to available approved and clinical trial therapies.

Studies show overall survival rates are greatly improved when considering both sensitivity and resistance markers in therapeutic decision-making.

OncoOmicsDx clinical reports return quantitative protein biomarkers associated with these likely therapeutic responses in days, not weeks, giving you better information to personalize cancer care quickly.

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Superior sensitivity and specificity

Our patented methods combined with the precision of high throughput mass spectrometry delivers absolute quantification of biological substances without subjectivity. This repeatable process comes with fewer false positives for greater confidence in your treatment decisions.

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Reduced Cost

Get the full picture and minimize unnecessary or ineffective treatment time and expense. Financial assistance is available for your patients.


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