Truly Personal Health and Wellness

mProbe is on a mission to transform how diseases are predicted, prevented and treated in the most personal possible way. Each of us has unique and dynamic biology expressed during health and disease – the deep phenotype – that holds critical evidence to inform truly personal medicine.

We all want to lead healthier lives and in healthcare it is understood that clinical outcomes matter most. But, to change clinical outcomes and improve health, biology must change first.



The Phenome

The genome provides us with what is possible. But now, we can determine what is actually happening at the cellular level through phenotypical expression analysis.


Pattern Recognition

In order to interpret the phenotype, you must have a reference. Our vast library of blood, tissue and medical record data gives us the power to recognize and interpret those patterns.


Scientific Rigor

We have well established expertise in clinical, laboratory and data sciences with dozens of published studies on methods, applications and results.


Bench to Bedside

Clients are using our clinical and analytics reports and services to make real change in patient outcomes.


Biology-Driven Personal Health and Medicine

Beyond the genome, mProbe tools measure dynamic biologic changes occurring in an individual’s blood or tissues. This deep molecular phenotyping is more sensitive than existing biometrics resulting in improved disease risk screening, more precise personalized treatments and better intervention monitoring.


Patient First

At mProbe, we strive to provide the best service to every patient. We believe the patient’s need is the first priority in everything we do, no matter whether it’s providing the most accurate health insight, the most precise diagnostics or making the most efficacious therapeutics suggestion based on accessible information.

Science Based

We are rigorous in our scientific approach and it underpins everything we do. Our data sciences are based on clinical records and histories of 50M lives, while our biological sciences reference a reporting database of 10K cancer tissues and clinical proteomics. Our high throughput mass spectrometry and advanced AI matching algorithms are CAP/CLIA Certified with actionable biological insights.

Quality Results

Our end goal is quality. Quality of life, quality of product and quality of health for those impacted through our solutions and services.